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"Welcome to the about section, where I plan to the outline future growth, ideas... whatever, there's more to come."




For me, spirit is at the source of everything. God/Source/The Grand-Architect, whatever you want to it/him/her is such an obvious conclusion to the "great old mysteries".

My religious views can be summed up as such: "It should have never been Christians vs Muslims vs Jews vs Buddhist, but rather all of us vs atheism."


Check back for more information articles/videos :) 


How are the two related? They're not. But they are two very big aspects of my life. After losing 50 pounds I've decided I really want to reach out to people and show them how it could be done. No Gimmicks. No tricks.


HINT:: counting calories leaves room for pizza

Going vegan was probably the best decision of my life as far as over my all health is concerned. I will be outlining my transition, linking information, and adding videos to help anybody make that leap to an animal and cruelty free lifestyle.


Here's a good story:

I always had this water bottle I would fill up on my way to the gym every morning. It was one those shaker bottles with a tiny hole and when I went to pour water into it I would needless to say always get water all over the kitchen counter thus starting my day with a huge mess id have to go and then clean up. How long did it take me to realize simply... pour the water over the sink.


So here's my approach to life: figure out what isnt working for you and tweak it. Change a little bit of your reality every day until you live in a better overall picture :)


With over 12 years experience in the worlds ever-changing music industry local Boulder CO producer/audio engineer Zachary David Symes is really changing the game of affordable recording for the any singer/songwriter just waiting to be heard. Utilizing Apple's Logic Pro DAW to create stunning cinematic musical pieces he dives in for a last-ditch effort to get the music industry out of it's "whatever fits today's mold" slump.

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